Slab leaks are every Simi Valley homeowner’s nightmare. They are leaks that occur in the pipes and if left undetected or unchecked, they can weaken a foundation, cause increased water bills, and lead to severe damage to a home’s plumbing system.

There are several factors that can contribute to a slab leak.

  • Pipe corrosion: Over time, pipes can corrode from the soil and electrolysis

  • Pressure on pipes: Increased pressure in the pipes due to poor construction or earthquakes will cause damage

  • Abrasion: pipes will expand and contract over time, causing them to rub against concrete or other materials

  • Construction defects: poorly installed pipes or badly insulated pipes can spring leaks

Even the most diligent homeowner can discover a slab leak in the home. Some general signs are water spots on the floor, low to no water pressure, and costly water bills.

So what can a homeowner do to prevent slab leaks from happening? Here are 5 steps to prevent slab leaks:

1. Schedule Periodic Maintenance Checks

Waiting until you have a problem can ultimately cost you more. By scheduling periodic maintenance checks, potential problems can be detected before they happen. A professional plumber should go over the sewer lines and water lines to determine whether the pipe system maintains a good water flow.

2. Check Water Pressure

Again, a licensed plumber will be able to monitor the pressure of your system. Narrow pipes that are constantly subject to high pressure are likely to develop a leak. A professional will be able to point that out and suggest a solution.

3. Review Water Bills and Water Usage

An expert Simi Valley plumber will be able to look over your water bills to judge the usage and note any irregularities. It takes more than two or three months of bills, so save those bills instead of throwing them away. They are a record of your water usage over time.

4. Check Water PH

Water that is too hard or too soft can cause pipes to corrode.

5. Don’t Use Chemical Cleaners

Aside from being poor for the environment, these cleaners can actually cause more damage to the long-term health of the pipes.

When it comes to slab leak prevention or detection, a homeowner’s best bet is to get expert advice. Contact your local plumbing company.

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