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Drain Rooter / Cleaner

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Eliminate The Problem On a Permanent Basis

Fit It Fast offers quick and reliable drain services to clear clogs and protect your plumbing system.

Although drain rooter/cleaning is an effective way of clearing a stoppage, it’s not a permanent solution. When a mechanical snake (rooter) is inserted into the drain line it will, in most cases, give temporary relief of the stoppage. The problem is after the rooter machine is removed, there is normally a large amount of debris stuck to the inner walls of the pipes causing the stoppage to return. The only way to help eliminate the problem on a permanent basis is to pressure wash the inner walls of the pipe.

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Hydro-jetting is the only proven way to return the inner pipe to as close to its original condition as possible. The process will scour the inner walls with between 1000-30,000 psi of high-pressure water. The hydro-jetting process will prevent any build-up from flowing down the line, eliminating the possibility of debris getting caught up and creating another stoppage.

How long will the hydro-jetting last and will this process damage my pipes?

Basic snaking or rooting could last only a few days or it could last months. As described above, it’s hard to tell and it is not a 100% solution to resolve drain stoppages.

If the piping is in decent shape, hydro-jetting is the most cost-effective way of cleaning the drainage piping without the expense of demolition or replacement.

Can hydro-jetting remove roots?

Yes it can, depending on the condition of the pipe. In most cases, the hydro-jetting process can remove tree roots from a sewer pipe. In some cases, replacement is the only solution. Smaller growth can be removed and last years in some cases, but in time the roots will grow back.

If you have Orangeburg sewer pipes, the bad news with this piping is the only option is replacement. After time, this tar paper-molded piping collapses becoming oval, sometimes crushing. In fact, this piping is so brittle that simply squeezing it between your palms will crush it. When roots enter into this pipe, running a mechanical snake can create more problems than you started off with. This piping cannot be repaired due to the crushed pipe. Simply put, replacement is your only option.


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