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Toilet Installation & Repair

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Is your toilet noisy or running non-stop?

Our honest team of knowledgeable plumbers will Fix It Fast!

Is your toilet noisy, running non-stop or lacking suction for flushing power? These problems can often be remedied with a simple repair. If not, you may need a new toilet to ensure maximum efficiency. The average running toilet consumes up to 7,500 gallons of water per year, wasting a fragile natural resource and your money. Toilet problems require immediate repair to keep them from becoming more serious and expensive.

We Do the Job Right the First Time

We repair all of the following issues:

Constant running toilet

Leaking components


Insufficient flushing power

Tank problems

Malfunctioning valves

Backflow prevention device replacement

Want to upgrade to a new, efficient toilet?

Low-flow: Uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush

One-piece: Low-profile, tankless models, saving space in small bathrooms

Dual-flush: Uses less water to flush liquid waste than solid waste

Elongated: Larger toilet bowl provides more seating areas

Pressure-assisted: Water is flushed with compressed air for better cleaning power

Self-cleaning: Ultra-hygienic model automatically sanitizes and disinfected after each use

Call 805-422-7221 Today!

Our Promise

Fix It Fast Plumbing goes the extra mile to provide an honest team of knowledgeable plumbers while offering competitive rates. We believe in doing the job right the first time, utilizing top quality industry standard parts to ensure that everything works properly. You can trust Fix It Fast Plumbing to provide you with the service you deserve, satisfaction guaranteed!
Want to upgrade to a new, more efficient toilet? Our master plumbers install all makes and models, including the following types of toilets:

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