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Hard water is an uncomfortable reality for too many Americans. Whether your appliances have been damaged dishware ruined, hard water is a problem that can be disruptive to your daily life. That is why Fix It Fast Plumbing Heating & Air offers water conditioning to our Moorpark customers. Our Moorpark plumbers can help get rid of the excess minerals, dirt, debris, or other waste materials negatively impacting your water quality. Instead of an unsettling film, you can enjoy crystal clear water in your kitchen and bathroom. Get the water quality you deserve when you call today for our conditioning service.

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How to Know If You Have Hard Water

Hard water is a common problem in Moorpark and surrounding areas. It is caused by a very high mineral content in your water supply with Calcium and Magnesium being the most common culprits. There are a few telltale signs that you’re suffering from a hard water problem and could benefit from water conditioning services.

Hard water signs include:

  • Soap scum residue and poor lather: Soap does not like hard water. The liquid doesn’t react well with your soap bar, making it very hard to get a good lather going. Additionally, those white hard spots in the shower? Soap scum stains likely caused by hard water.
  • Unusual stains: When your previously pearly white toilet begins to display ugly brownish streaks, it’s likely hard water staining caused by the excess presence of iron. You can scrub them away, but they’ll keep returning until the hard water problem gets resolved.
  • Bad smell or strange taste: When your water has a noticeably funny taste or unpleasant smell, it’s very possible that hard water is to blame. If your water tastes metallic, it could be excessive iron.

Other Issues Water Conditioning Can Solve

Water conditioning is also useful for getting rid of nasty contaminants and harmful chemicals. It’s important to note that water conditioning itself doesn’t remove minerals. Instead, it keeps them from harming your system. Overall, water conditioning is a great way for dealing with:

  • Algae blooms
  • Bacteria build up
  • Excessive minerals

Whatever is negatively impacting your pipes and water quality, our water conditioning service is a soothing, eco-friendly solution that will bring your quality back to optimal levels in no time.

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    “Punctual, polite, professional. The plumber was very pleasant, followed appropriate COVID-19 protocol, and got the clog taken care of in no time.”

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    “Two experienced plumbers arrived within a few hours (and an hour sooner than promised), arrived in a clean truck, wearing clean uniforms, were professional and knowledgeable about the repair, and made the repair quickly.”

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