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Replace Old Piping Affordably

Our complete home repiping is as non-invasive as possible

When the time comes to replace every inch of water piping in your home, be it gray poly, copper, or another material, we are your plumbers. During the repiping process, every single inch of the previous piping is removed from the home and replaced with either stainless steel, PEX, or copper. Every plumbing fixture receives new piping – all faucets, toilets, tubs, showers, hose connections, water heater, and other fixtures requiring water receive the piping of your choice.

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Benefits of Re-Piping

Quick & Affordable

Long-Lasting Materials

Reliable Home Plumbing

Eliminate Leaking

Remove Unsafe Piping

Guaranteed Workmanship

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Licensed Technicians

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Locally Owned & Operated

Quality Workmanship

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We will repipe in stainless steel, PEX (cross-linked polyethylene), or copper if you prefer. This type of plastic water pipe is nearly identical to the black poly we use to install all of our new main water services. PEX is formulated to withstand hot water temperatures, is extremely flexible, and if you prefer, comes in red, blue, and white or clear. We will also, if necessary, install a new pressure regulating valve, or PRV during the process.

No matter which material you choose, our complete home repipes are as non-invasive as possible, with minimal access holes and damage to walls and ceilings. Some holes, however, are necessary to complete the installation. After all, when your house was built, the water piping was installed when there were no walls yet.

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