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HVAC Maintenance


Don’t Suffer with an Underperforming HVAC System!

HVAC maintenance gives your systems the care they need to perform at their best, all year long


HVAC maintenance is essential for every home throughout the Simi Valley, Los Angeles, and Ventura area. This important service helps keep your heating and cooling equipment in great shape each season – call us in the spring and in the fall to schedule maintenance for your cooling and heating systems! Maintenance helps your HVAC systems perform at their highest level, generating great benefits for you. We value honor and integrity on every job – it’s our duty to fulfill our obligations to you. Our skilled HVAC maintenance staff thoroughly inspects your heating and cooling systems and all components to identify malfunctions and perform the maintenance tasks necessary to boost performance and energy efficiency each year. Failure to maintain HVAC equipment leads to more breakdowns, higher energy costs, and the need for earlier system replacement.

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What You Get with HVAC Maintenance


Thorough system inspection


Lubrication of moving components


System cleaning


Safety and control testing


Refrigerant checks


Performance testing

Benefits of HVAC Maintenance


Better indoor comfort


Improved system performance


Better efficiency & lower energy bills


Fewer system breakdowns


Longer equipment service life


Peace of mind

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Our Promise

Fix It Fast’s HVAC maintenance services are for all makes and models of heating and cooling equipment. Let our technicians care for your HVAC equipment with the following services:

HVAC System Tune Ups:

Your HVAC system is affected by wear and tear every year. An HVAC system tune up works to erase these damaging effects. This improves system performance and efficiency, catches issues that lead to breakdowns over the season, and keeps your equipment in service longer to avoid early replacement costs.

Preventative Maintenance Agreements:

Ensure your HVAC system always gets the care it needs when you sign up for a preventative maintenance agreement from Fix It Fast! Your annual heating and cooling system tune ups are included – we call you to schedule service to ensure you never forget about the help your system needs to keep you comfortable throughout the year.

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