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Slab Leaks / Electronic

We Catch Problems Before They Get Too Big!

We are experts at repairing slab leaks, having our own electronic leak detection equipment on every truck.

With state-of-the-art slab leak locating equipment, we are able to find the source of your leak and give you an estimate on what it will take to repair it. If we discover a leak underneath your slab, we will expose the broken pipe in order to make the repair by either tunneling under the slab or temporarily removing a small section of concrete from above. Our technicians will discuss with you which solution is viable to your particular situation.

Early leak detection and repair of slab leaks will help prevent expensive foundation repairs. Water flowing out from the foundation of a home will wash out soil under the home and put extra stress on the structure; left unchecked, it will become costly to fix. ​

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Water leaks are often first discovered when a high water bill arrives. This can be caused by something as minor as a toilet running constantly or a leak under your home’s slab. If you suspect a leak in a water line, call us to isolate the source of your problem.


Over time, roots may penetrate your drain lines, or soil movement and stress may cause your drain lines to separate. Sewer line leaks may cause you to experience slow drains in your home, a gurgling sound when you flush toilets, or a rotten egg (sulfur) smell. Using video camera inspection and by smoke testing your sewer line, we can find where the problem originates.


Are you experiencing movement in your foundation? If so, a plumbing leak may be the culprit. Water and sewer leaks under the slab foundation of your home could be making your home crack and move. With our leak location and repair service, we can fix the plumbing leak and help to stop further erosion of the ground below your home. Using state of the art technology, we will check for leaks that are hidden below the surface of your home.


Winter can be hard on plumbing pipes. Constant changes in temperature can cause pipes to break or freeze. We can help you winterize or repair a leak caused by those sudden, unexpected falling temperatures.

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